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Waste Management

The institute’s waste management practices are divided into three parts:
As an eco-friendly campus, our college has a strong waste management system. Our college continuous participate in waste management system and make the campus completely pollution free and green in our campus, lot of dedicated staff members and students involved in maintaining the college campus and hostels clean & green. No. of dustbins used properly in our college. The dry waste and wet waste collected separately. Every day all the academic buildings and other surroundings area in the campus are cleaned by sweepers and they separate out the waste and dispose in to the dustbins. After collecting the waste segregated in to bio degradable and recyclable waste in waste management system which is located at behind the boy’s mess. We are producing biogas from vegetable waste and also making vermicompost for the plantation purpose. One side paper are re-used by the faculty members for the rough works and prepare for the classes. Non-biodegradable wastes such as metals, scraps are produced less in campus.
The liquid waste management system in our college works perfectly and is built next to the boys hostel mess on the college campus. The waste produced in college is collected and treated by the liquid waste management system. . After completion of purifying the waste water, the water is effectively re-used for the gardening, forming. The water is distributed to the all around the campus for the sanitary purpose and the toilets for flushing purpose. For the plants and trees maintain the separate pipe line discharging of water in the campus. Sprinklers are used in gardens to prevent the water wastage. This process is continuously liquefied waste in the colleges. There was a rigorous approach and a person was hired to oversee it. The sewage treatment plant is working in the campus every day. Seven (7) Rain harvesting pits are constructed in the college campus for the purpose of Catch the rainwater from localized catchment surfaces such as roof of a house, plain and sloping ground surfaces etc.
E-waste is defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, laboratory devices it includes used electronics which are destined for re-use, recycling, resale are disposal. In our college campus production of E-waste is very less for the reason of computers, printers, laboratory equipment are serviced properly to collect the E-waste very less and to sold the E-waste vendors.

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