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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is the technique of collection and storage of rain water at surface or in sub-surface aquifers, before it is lost as surface run-off. The augmented resource can be harvested in the time of need. Artificial recharge to ground water is a process by which the ground water reservoir is augmented at rate exceeding that under natural conditions of replenishment.
• To overcome the inadequacy of waters to meet our demands.
• To arrest decline in ground water levels.
• To enhance availability of ground water at specific place and time and utilize rain water for sustainable development.
• To increase infiltration of rain water in the subsoil which has decreased drastically in urban areas due to paving of open area.
• To improve ground water quality by dilution.
• To increase agriculture production.
• To improve ecology of the area by increase in vegetation cover, etc.
• Cost of recharge to sub-surface reservoir is lower than surface reservoirs.
• The aquifer serves as distribution system also.
• No land is wasted for storage purpose and no population displacement is involved.
• Ground water is not directly exposed to evaporation and pollution.
• Storing water underground is environment friendly.
• It increases the productivity of aquifer.
• It reduces flood hazards.
• Effects rise in ground water levels.
• Mitigates the effects of drought.
• Reduces soil erosion.
In our institution seven (7) rain water harvesting pits are constructed. These harvesting pits are works very effectively. The main intention behind the initiative is to save water and teach the students on the water conservation methods. The officials hope that the initiative will at least solve the water problem. Rainwater will flow in to the trench and the sand will arrest all the silt before the rainwater percolate in to the ground. Once in a while the sand layer may be removed, washed in water to takeout all the silt and relayed to activate. A very effective and low-cost option to harvest rainwater for ground water recharge.

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