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Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committ

Gender equity and sensitization is made an integral part of the educational process at SREE VAHINI
INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, both in curricular and co-curricular aspects, as it is
intrinsic to the college vision of providing “distinctive environment of educational excellence with
humane values and social commitment
->The course content is designed to enable the students to critically analyze the underlying factors of gender bias and gender-based violence and address them with an understanding of their ethical, social and legal implications.
->Hence topics like Gender stereotyping, toxic masculinity, gender-based violence, gender imbalances, protection of women against sexual harassment and Domestic Violence acts, etc are included with the latest Government women welfare schemes. Activity-based methodology used- questionnaires, presentations, group discussions etc.
The Women Empowerment Cell of the College, envisioned to empower women for a life of equality, empowerment, personal enhancement and professional success conducts various awareness camps-health, legal, entrepreneurship, defense techniques, etc.


1. Safety and Security:
All students and faculty members are checked for their ID-cards before entering the campus thus barring
thoroughfare. College building is monitored by CCTV Surveillance to monitor the movement of students
and ensure safety. Security guards and floor wise female ayahs to monitor disciplinary issues. Anti-ragging
and Anti-sexual harassment cell collaborate with women empowerment cell and regularly organize
awareness programs on women safety, like training in defense techniques. Class in-charges personally
supervise the girls and counsel them on safety issues.Female faculty coordinators are appointed as
escorts for field trips and extension activities. Grievance redressal box is kept at a convenient access point
and the complaints are addressed by the committee.
2. Counselling:
The College has a counselling room with a full-time counsellor. Boys and girls are counselled on
various psychological issues, including healthy relationships and gender parity. Exclusive sessions for
girls address issues of emotional abuse, emotional breakdowns, low self-esteem, poor body image etc.
and counsel them into being confident and competent happy individuals.
3. The Common Room:
The College has a room exclusively for girl students which exists in addition to the 4 toilets for girls at
each floors. It is designed to facilitate female students with a place to relax, study, and carry a productive
discussion on any topic of common interest or plan an activity. The common room is provided with
magazines, books, and newspapers. Located at the first floor, it makes easily accessible.Four beds are
available with attached bathroom also has a first aid kit and serves as a sick room too for girls.