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Objective: -
• To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the talents of students in performing the arts.
• To develop team work, organizing skills among the students.
• To create interest on their hobbies rather the routine curriculum and desire satisfaction, relieve from them from stress and fatigue.


In recognition to the importance of hobby activities and its role in the bringing up of the youthful students, the college Students’ Hobby Club has been formed with a view to also promotes further the cultural, sporting, social and scientific activities of the college. The Students’ cultural Club in the College collaborates through various committees with the various Faculties in supervising the extra-curricular hobby activities, which aim at achieving the following objectives:
• To participate in developing the college students and in forming their personality with balance and integrity.
• To develop the talents of the students and improve their capabilities and assist them in acquiring useful knowledge and experience.
• Events arranged for students in coordination with ‘Students Cultural Committee’ are Fresher’s Day, Festival Celebrations, Farewell Day, Annual Day
• The Cultural Committee shall also be responsible for organizing the following events Orientation Program, Independence Day, Republic Day.
• To get the students accustomed to participating in social activities, to develop brotherly relations among them, and to develop a harmonious relationship based on mutual respect among themselves and their professors.
• To provide students with means of comfort, convenience and assurance.
• To associate students with their society and to enforce their feeling of belonging to their country and their nation
• To prepare and maintain the records of all cultural activities.
• Any other duties the Director / Principal may assign.