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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

To create quality, to maintain quality, to enhance quality in all spheres – that is the task of the IQAC or the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the SVIST. The IQAC is the central quality- monitoring body of the institution. It functions under the Chairmanship of the Principal and comprises senior faculty members, representative from the local community and a student representative.
Aim of IQAC:
Its aim is to develop and maintain a system to promote academic and administrative excellence.
• It defines the short-term and long-term objectives of the institution.
• It creates a benchmark for quality-enhancement measures.
• It devises a work plan to achieve objectives.
• It monitors and coordinates the execution.
The IQAC functions with the belief that excellence and quality are not one-time goals but continuous processes. To this end, the IQAC meets on a regular basis. Continuous monitoring, up gradation of infrastructure and increasing the effective functioning of all systems are some of the major concerns of the IQAC.

IQAC – Vision
• To ensure quality culture as the prime concern for the Higher Education Institutions through institutionalizing and internalizing all the initiatives taken with internal and external support.
->The primary aim of IQAC is:
• To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the
• Academic and administrative performance of the institution.
. To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement throughInternalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.
Functions of the IQAC are: -
• Development and application of quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities of the institution.
• Collection and analysis of feedback from all stakeholders on quality related institutional processes.
• Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles.
• Documentation of various programmes/activities leading to quality improvement.
• Periodical conduct of Academic and Administrative Audit and its follow-up

• One room for the IQAC cell to discuss about the activities,
• Notice board is for pasting / keeping circulars, updating the event photos, press clippings, Year Planners etc.
• Having a good number of chairs and space to discuss / conduct the committee meetings

• Ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks.
• The relevance and quality of academic and research programmes.
• Equitable access to and affordability of academic programmes for various sections of society.
• Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning.
• The credibility of evaluation procedures.
• Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and functioning of the support structure and services.
• Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India and Abroad.

Roles & Responsibilities
The Role of the Coordinator: -
• The role of the coordinator of the IQAC is crucial in ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and the effective functioning of all the members.
• The coordinator of the IQAC may be a senior/competent person with experience and exposure in quality aspects.
• She/ He may be a full-time functionary or, to start with, she/he may be a senior academic /administrator entrusted with the IQAC as an additional responsibility.
• Secretarial assistance may be facilitated by the administration. It is essential that the coordinator may have sound knowledge about the computer, data management and its various functions such as usage for effective.
ii) Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Members: -
• To coordinate the IQAC initiatives and audits to ensure quality in the education.
• To coordinate in the various quality enhancement activities.
The membership of such nominated members shall be for a period of two years. The IQAC should meet at least once in every quarter. The quorum for the meeting shall be two-third of the total number of members. The agenda, minutes and Action Taken Reports are to be documented with official signatures and maintained electronically in a retrievable format.

IQAC will facilitate / contribute:
• Ensure heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement.
• Ensure internalization of the quality culture.
• Ensure enhancement and coordination among various activities of the institution and institutionalize all good practices.
• Provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning.
• Act as a dynamic system for quality changes in Higher Educational Institutions.
• Build an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication.