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Press, Media and Publicity Committee was established with a view to be the face of the institute and the single touch- point for all the communications of Sree Vahini Institute of Science and Technology. The primary role of the Press, Media and Publicity Committee is to establish links with the local media and provide regular reports and press releases on campus news and opportunities. The committee is well-equipped with sophisticated machinery which are handled by trained and competent students. The Committee also provides internal external media support for the events organized by SVIST like Symposiums, Conferences, Seminars, Sports weeks etc. The Press, Media and Publicity Committee also designs and arranges printing materials to be used in different events at SVIST.
Our vision is to have a shared understanding, alignment and commitment, to derive our institute’s vision that sets the course and empowers people to take action.<
Mission Our Mission is to enrich the mind and nourish the spirit, thereby assisting our students to enhance their lives, expand perspectives and strengthen their capabilities.


• To Maintain Names, Address and Phone number of all Press and Electronic Media Representatives.
• To Maintain Good relation with Press and Electronic Media Representatives.
• To serve invitations of the college for the programmes organized in the institute.
• To send press notes with photographs to the press and electronic media representatives of the events conducted in the campus.
• To recommend the management for advertisements in the newspapers and sponsor local programs.
• To recommend the management to install hoardings at important locations.


• LCD Projectors.
• Audio System.
• One spacious hall for the students and faculty members to discuss about the activities.

Roles and Responsibilities

a. Coordinator
• To Coordinate the activities of the cell
• To arrange meeting of the cell to make a note of the requirements and to take decisions.
• To send the suggestions to the college managements to impress on the decisions taken in the meeting of the cell through Head of the Institute.
• To give the details to the concern for updating the information in the college website.
b. Faculty members
• To attend the meeting of the cell.
• To collect the information from students and public to discuss and to take decisions in the meeting.
c. Student members
• To attend the meeting of the cell.
• To inform the faculty members about their views for development.


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