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Learning Method

Experimental Learning:
> Student seminars, projects, workshops, paper presentations, group discussions have been streamlined for interactive learning.
> Infrastructure for ICT enabled teaching and learning.
> Air-conditioned seminar halls with the precise ambience for conducting Guest lectures and interactive sessions with successful alumni are organized in each year.
Participative Learning:
> Students Association is formed. Interdisciplinary projects are encouraged. Industrial visits are organized for each Academic year.
> Audio-visual aids are used for better learning and understanding. Internship in industries and companies is facilitated for collaborative learning process.
>Acer & Lenovo computer facility with internet connection and Wi-Fi connectivity is arranged for independent and interactive learning.
>Facilities are arranged to students for preparing charts, posters and models for Technical Exhibition.
>Well-equipped digital library with access to e-journal, DTEL learning. Industrial collaboration by signing MOUs is facilitated to give exposure in practical needs.
>A laboratory class makes the student think independently. Simulation software is used to create interactive learning atmosphere.
>Students are encouraged to participate in seminars, workshops and Technical quiz to develop analytical skills.
Problem Solving Methodologies:
>The Institution provides sufficient teaching aids like LCD projectors for effective curriculum delivery.
> Faculty make use of models, graphs, power point presentation through ICT tools to present the content of the syllabus.
> Tutorial classes are arranged to corroborate problem solving methodologies.

Overall Institute summary
Program Name Experiential learning Methods Participative learning Methods Problem solving learning Methods Total Methods
B.Tech in Civil 5 5 5 15
B.Tech in EEE 5 5 5 15
B.Tech in Mech 5 5 5 15
B.Tech in ECE 5 5 5 15
B.Tech in CSE 5 4 4 13
M.Tech in PS 5 5 5 15
M.Tech in MD 5 5 5 15
M.Tech inVLSI 5 5 5 15
M.Tech inVLSI & ES 5 5 5 15
M.Tech in CSE 3 3 3 09
MBA 4 5 4 13
S & H 3 3 3 09
List of Learning Methodsy
S.No Name of the Learning
TM1 Virtual Lab
TM2 Simulation
TM3 Demonstration
TM4 Projected-Based Learning
TM5 Proto-type Model
TM6 Works Shops
TM7 Seminars
TM8 Video/Role-Pay
TM9 GD/Debate
TM10 Poster Presentation
TM11 Real-Time case Studies
TM12 Works Sheets
TM13 Open Book test
TM14 Cross Words
TM15 Research Projects

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