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Those who play or have played sport know it can transform lives in many ways. Beyond the physical benefits, sport brings emotional, psychological, and social benefits, as the athlete learns and experiences self-discipline, the joys of achievement, the lessons of losing, the camaraderie of teammates, and the leadership of coaches and teachers. There is an old saying that sport both builds and reveals character. Sport can even achieve social change through the common language of play by bringing people together even in places and times of conflict,that’s why in our college we always encourage sports and gamesThe college has its own playground, where regular sports & games are conducted. A well trained and qualified Physical Director guides the students in these activities. The available sports facilities are: • Athletic Track • Volley Ball Court-2 • Throw ball court-1 • Kabaddi-3 • Kho-Kho-1 • Ball Badminton-1 • Shuttle court-1 • Table Tennis • Cricket Ground • Foot Ball Ground • Long Jump Pit • High Jump Pit • Caroms Board • Chess Facilities for field events like Javelin Throw, Shot-put, Hammer Throw, Discus Throw and Jumps etc.

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