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Name of the LAB Major Equipment Image
01 Engineering workshop 1. Fitting section
2. Sheet Metal section
3. Welding/Soldering section
4. Carpentry section
02 Metallurgy Lab Metallurgical Microscopes -18, Triinocular Microscope with CCD Camera & Analysis S/w, Furnaces, Hardness tester, Polishing, Specimen mounting & Cutoff m/cs, Magnetic crack detector.
03 Fluid mechanics and hydrulic machinary lab Pelton wheel turbine Impact of jet apparatus venturimeter centrifugal pumps Reciprocating pumps
04 Thermal engineering Lab Composite Slab Apparatus, Natural Convention Apparatus, Thermal Conductivity Test Rig, Pin-Fin Apparatus, Parallel & Counter flow Heat Exchanger, Emissivity measurement Apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Centrifugal Blower, Axial Flow Blower.
05 Machine Dyanamics Lab Reciprocating Air Compressor, Four Stroke Four Cylinder Diesel Engine,Four Stroke Four Cylinder Petrol Engine.
06 Production Technology Lab various physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, force & flow. These parameters decide the controlling action of any processes.
07 Heat Transfer Lab air conditioning test rig, refrigeration test rig, transient heat conduction equipment & heat exchanger setup.
08 Design practice lab Vibration Test Rig
Digital Strain Indicator
Digital Displacement Indicator
Universal Governor
Journal Bearing Test Rig
Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine
09 Simulation Lab The laboratory is equipped with sufficient number of computers. The software’s like Solid Edge, Ansys, Cadem, etc., are installed.
10 CAEDP LAB Auto CAD 2013 Licensed Software obtained from AICTE, New Delhi,Draft sight 2D drafting from Dassault Systems.