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Name of the LAB Major Equipment Image
01 Electrical Machines-I Lab 3-Ф rectifier unit (DC), Distribution panel board, 3KVA 1-Ф Transformer.
02 Electrical Machines-II Lab 3KVA 3-Ф Transformer, 3-Ф Auto Transformer/10A, 1- Ф Auto Transformer
03 Electrical Simulation Lab To simulate transmission lines by incorporating line, load and transformers models
04 Electronical Measurements Lab kelvin's double bridge,schering bridge,anderson's bridge,1-phase enegry meter and dynamo meter watt meter.etc.,
05 Power Electronics Lab 1-Ф Cycloconverter, 1-Ф Coverter firing circuits, UJT firing circuits, SCR, MOSFET, IGBT kits
06 Control Systems Lab Servo stabilizer, Digital storage Oscilloscope.
07 Microprocessors Lab 8086 Microprocessor kits(14)
8051 Micro controller kits(14)