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Sree Vahini Institute of Science & Technology

Electronics and Communication Engineering

The ECE Department was established in the year 2008 with an annual intake of 60 which was enhanced to 120 in the year 2009. The department has excellent laboratories and well qualified faculty. The department regularly orgnizes technical events, workshops and seminars for the benefit of the students. The department trains the young engineers to cater to the technological needs of the nation.

Professor & HOD


Professors Area of Specialization
Dr. K. Kumar, M.Tech, Ph.D Digital Electronics
Prof. M. HariKrishna, M.Tech,(Ph.D), MISTE, MIETE, SEMCE(I) Digital Electronics & Communication Systems
Mr V. Vinod Babu, M.Tech Communication Engineering
Mrs. D.Hema, M.Tech, (Ph.D) Signal Processing
Mr. K. Venkanna, M.Tech VLSI System Design
Mr. K. Ravi Babu, M.Tech Digital Electronics & Communication Systems
Mrs. K. Nirmala, M.Tech Integrated Circuit Technology
Mr. K. Sandeep, M.Tech Systems & Signal Processing
Mr. P. Kranthi Chaitanya, M.Tech Systems & Signal Processing
Mr. V. Praveen Kumar, M.Tech Communication Engineering and Signal Processing
Mr. B. Venkateswar Rao, M.Tech VLSI
Mr. N. Dharma Chari, M.Tech Systems & Signal Processing
Ms. T.V. Nagalashmi, M.Tech VLSI
Ms. Sk. Kareemoon, M.Tech Digital System & Computer Electronics
Mr Sk. Husseni, M.Tech VLSI
Mr Md. Shannu, M.Tech VLSI
Mr Ch.S. Ankaraju, M.Tech VLSI
Mr. D. Maan Singh, M.Tech Embedded Systems
Ms. R Divya, M.Tech VLSI
Mr. V. Subrahmanyam, M.Tech VLSI
Mr.P. Sarath Chandra Reddy, M.Tech Embedded Systems
Mr. Punnam Naga Sai Madhu Sudhana Rao, M.Tech Wireless & Mobile Communications
Mr. S. Teja, M.Tech VLSI
Mr. D. Raja Sekhar, M.Tech VLSI
Ms. Y.Venkata Sindhu, B.Tech ECE
Ms. T. Laxmi Prasanna, B.Tech ECE


The Department has spacious and well equipped laboratories to meet the academic requirements.

  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab
  • Electronic Circuit Analysis Lab
  • Digital Circuits Lab
  • Pulse & Digital Circuits Lab
  • Linear and Digital IC Applications Lab
  • Analog Communications Lab
  • Digital Communications Lab
  • Microwave Engineering Lab
  • Digital System Design & DICA Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab
  • Advanced Microcontrollers Lab
  • Embedded Systems Lab
  • Electronic Simulations Lab

Major equipment include 50 Analog CROs, component trainer kits, Micro Processor and Micro Controller Interfacing kits, colour TV pattern generator, Latest Upgraded softwares like MATLAB, Xilinx and other Electronic Design Automation Tools etc., are available