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Sree Vahini Institute of Science & Technology


The department was started in the year 2008 for a sanctioned intake of 60, now it is raised to 120. The department has a good number of full-time faculty members with best available exposure to ever-growing horizon of computer science and engineering. Besides, a number guest lectures will also be conducted every semester from other universities, research organizations and industrial establishments for extending experience-rich education.

The department has well equipped laboratories for practicing C, C++, Visual Studio, Java, Oracle, Multi Media, web-design, Case Tools and Hadoop & Big Data Analytics. The labs are organized to have multiple flavors of windows and Linux operating systems.



Professors Area of Specialization
Dr.K.V.Pandu Ranga Rao , M.Tech,Ph.D,MISTE,MCSI, & HOD CSE
Dr. R. Venkata Lakshmi, M.Tech,Ph.D CSE
Assoc. Professors
Mr. D. Manimohan,M.Tech CSE
Mr. G V Ramana, M.Tech, MBA, MCSTA (Ph.D) CSE
Mr T Venkateswara Rao,M.Tech CSE
Mr T Prasad ,M.Tech CSE
Mrs D. Jyothi,M.Tech CSE
Mrs K Durga Chaitanya,M.Tech CSE
Mrs. M. Manjusha,M.Tech CSE
Mrs. K.Suhasini ,M.Tech CSE
Mr M Kishore Kumar,M.Tech CSE
Mr. P. Somaraju,M.Tech CSE
Mrs Salma Sultana,M.Tech CSE
Mrs K. Mounika,M.Tech CSE
Mrs K. Nalini,M.Tech CSE
Mr. M. Radhakrishna,M.Tech CSE
Mr. Sai Naresh, M.Tech, CSE
Mr. B. Sivakeshava Rao, M.Tech, CSE
Mr. A. Suresh, M.Tech, CSE
Mr. Y. Hari Krishna, M.Tech, CSE
Mr. Ch. Leelashankar,M.Tech, CSE
Mrs K. Prasanthi,M.Tech CSE
Mrs K.Sowmya ,M.Tech CSE
Mrs K. Divya,M.Tech CSE
Miss M Bindu,M.Tech CSE


The department is equipped with the following laboratories where the students are exposed to the latest software. We have following laboratories

  • IT Work Shop Laboratory
  • C Programming Laboratory
  • Object Oriented Programming through C++ Laboratory
  • Data Structures Laboratory
  • Java Programming Laboratory
  • Advanced Data Structures Laboratory
  • Free Open Source Software (FOSS)Laboratory
  • Compiler Design Laboratory
  • Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Database Management Systems
  • Linux Programming Laboratory
  • Computer Networks Laboratory
  • Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Web Technologies Laboratory
  • UML And Design Patterns Laboratory
  • Mobile App Development Laboratory
  • Software Testing Laboratory