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Name of the LAB Major Equipment Image
01 Strength of materials lab universal testing machine compreesion testing machine Torion testing machine imapact testing machine Hardness tesing machine Spring deflection apparatus
02 Surveying lab Total Station- Lawrence & Mayo make,Sun auto level with stand,Prismatic compass with stand,Survey compass with stand,Theodolites, Dumpy levels
03 Fluid mechanics and hydrulic machinary lab Pelton wheel turbine Impact of jet apparatus venturimeter centrifugal pumps Reciprocating pumps
04 Geotechnical engineering lab Direct shear test Tri axial test apparatus vane shear test apparatus core cutter method apparatus compaction test apparatus sand replacement apparaus
05 Concrete technology lab compression testing machine viccat apparatus slump cone test apparatus compaction factor test apparatus soundness test
06 Transportation engineering lab Los angels abrasion testing machine Flash and fire point apparatus Aggregate crushing value apparatus Ductility testing machine Aggregate impact value
07 Engineering Geology lab Structural geology models sedimentary rocks metamorphic rocks Group of minerals Folds and faults